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Our awesome antique store showcases
housewares, tools, bicycles, books, cameras, coins,
furniture, primitive, decorative, musical instruments,
pro audio, sporting equipment, nautical, games,
trains, home & car audio, video, jewelry and so
much more!

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Hours: 11am-5pm, Thursday - Monday.
Other hours available by appointment.

Location: 123 N. Belle River Ave.,
Marine City, MI 48039

4000 sq' of Vintage & Antique Merchandise

Bicycles, Tricycles, Unicycles - Stunt Bikes, Baskets,
Luggage Racks, Seats, Parts, Racing Bikes, Schwinn, Fuji,
Concorde, Alenax, Bianchi, Peugeot, Roadmaster, Huffy,
Windsor, 1, 5, and 10 speeds

Books - From 1850 and up, Home, Religion, Science,
Automotive, Fiction, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Comics,
Children's Books, Equestrian, Travel, local interest

Car Audio - Pioneer, Kenwood, Craig, ADS, Sony, Polk,
JBL, Lear Jet, Pyramid, JVC, Panasonic, Realistic, Sub
Speakers & Boxes 8" to 15", Car Amps, Radios, Aux, Wire

Home Audio - Vintage Receivers, Components, Amps,
Tuners, R-R, Turntables, Speakers from 8"-15", Marantz,
Pioneer, Sony, Technics, Sansui, Kenwood, JVC, Ohm,
Akai, Crown, Onkyo, Panasonic, Scott, Toshiba, Yamaha,
BSR, ADC, AudioSource, BIC, Teac, Sherwood, Adcom,
DBX, Eico, Heathkit, RCA, Victrola, Zenith, KLH,
Westminster, Hallicrafters, high end audio with ultra
conservative RMS ratings and low THD, Tube & Transistor,
wiring, adapters

Home Furnishings - Pictures, Frames, Clocks, Glassware,
Knick Knacks, Sewing, Material, Doilies, Quilts, Clothing,
Jewelry, Watches, Religious, Christmas Décor, Trees,
Ribbon, Garland, Ornaments, Santa's, Nutcrackers

Household Furniture - Armoires, Dressers, Chairs,
Bookcases, Beds, Bath, Coat Racks, Curio & Display
Cabinets, Accessories, Lamps, End Tables

Kitchen & Dining - Cookware, Bakers Racks, Tables,
Chairs, Primitives, Dishware, Glassware, Storage, Food
Prep, Cabinets, Items Large and Small, Ice Cream Parlor
table/chairs, Liquor, Soda, Medicine Bottles, Health,
Quackery, Coke, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Other Vintage

Media/Audio/Visual - CD/DVD Players & Recorders,
Theatre/Surround Sound Systems, VHS & DVD Movies,
Reel To Reel, Wire, 8 Track, Cassette, iPods, MP3 Players,
Cables, Earbuds, Chargers, Bluetooth receivers,
transmitters & Accessories

Musical Instruments - Organs, Band Instruments,
Accordions, Primitives, Record Albums, Sheet Music,
Guitars - Folk, Electric, Lead & Bass, Mixers, Stage Boards,
Marshall, Fender, Peavey, Framus, Mackie, Crate, Rack
Mount Gear, Heads, Speaker Cabinets, Monitors,
Microphones, Boss, Special Effects, Pedals, Effects, PA,

Nautical/Fishing/Camping - Pulleys, Ship, Boat, Sailboat,
Wheels, Décor, Preservers, Life Rings, Anchors, Fishing,
Gaff Hooks, Spears, Tackle Boxes, Fish Net, Ski's, Camp
Cookers, Lamps, Back Packs, Coleman, Patio, Outdoor
Games, Lighting, Military

Tools, Toys, Games - Lionel, HO, N-Gauge, American
Flyer, Train Table Set Up, Advertising Signs, Beer, Pop,
Lighted, Metal, Electronics, Clocks, Phones, Table Top and
Transistor Radios, Short Wave, Unusual, Collectibles

Photography & Cameras - Folders, Bellows & Box
Cameras, Kodak's Spanning a Decade, 35mm Bodies,
Lenses, Winders, Flash, Filters, Macro, Zoom - all makes,
Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Fujica, Konica, Yashica, Minolta,
Olympus, Ricoh, Vivitar, Sigma, Tamron, Soligor, Agfa,
Balda, Mamiya, Rollei, Graflex, Zeiss, Voigtlander, Ansco,
Cokin, Bogen, Gitzo, Slik, Ansel Adams.
Books/Prints/Posters, How-To Photography Books,
Photography Instruction

60-75 SLR bodies to choose from, hundreds of lenses
including all OEM and aftermarket lenses and bodies. All
lens types from true macro, wide angle, telephoto, zoom,
bright lenses, tele-converters, macro converters, mirrors,
extension tube sets, magnification filters, soft focus lenses
and filters, special effect filters, and a complete array of T-
mount lenses and adapters. Nikon Nikkormat's, FE, FM, EM,
F Series, N Series, Minolta SRT's, x-370, x-500, x-700's,
Maxxum's, Olympus OM-1's and OM-10's, Pentax
Programs, K1000's (the quintessential student camera),
KR's, MX, MV, and AF, and Canon A-1, AE-1's, AE-1
programs, FTb's, and Rebels. All bayonet mounts and
screw mounts including loads of rangefinders, and 120
Medium Format Cameras. Flash units, tripods, winders, light
meters, cases, bags, filters, books on photography, original
manuals etc.